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Major Account Group

Merit’s Major Account Group has been designed from our inception to provide the medium to larger commercial accounts with the team needed to provide custom design, implementation and great customer service.  The Group does not focus on quantity, but rather on quality; by design we will only add a limited number of new accounts each year.

Merit was originally a “captive” insurance agency for a Dallas based equity group.  The companies holdings included three large corporations and several smaller firms.  We assembled a skilled national brokerage staff to coordinate the brokering and servicing needs of our affiliated insureds.  The primary mission then and today was to work closely with our clients creating a world class risk management program.

Fred W. Foote, our founder and head of the Major Accounts Group, has been directly involved with large commercial insureds in DFW for over thirty years.  He has managed the account teams for some of the areas largest companies including Mary Kay Inc., Trinity Industries, Hall Financial Group, Dresser and Snyder General.  Fred is personally involved in all of our larger accounts.